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How to begin to order using MannaEscrip:


Coordinator Responsibility


Approve and accept all terms and conditions on the Coordinator’s MannaOrders homepage. Accepting these terms and conditions will allow participants to submit payment through MannaPay. This is the only form of payment accepted for a MannaEscrip order.


Inform each of your participants of their organization number, their individual family code and password. MannaOrders automatically generates each of these items when you set up your organization. This information can be found under ‘Your Organization/Maintain Your Participants’.


Participants must then complete the Family Verification Process before they can begin paying for their scrip orders using MannaPay.



Participant Ordering


Place MannaEscrip orders by visiting Sign in under the Participant Sign In by entering the Organization #, Family code and password provided from your group’s coordinator.


Under Site Navigation select Manna E Scrip – ‘Welcome to Manna E Scrip’


Select the eCard(s) you would like to purchase.


Please note that EACH eCard order must include the following:


  • Order Active Scrip from pull down screen – Walmart eCard $25
  • Enter Dollar Amount - $25.00 – if $50.00 is ordered your recipient will receive 2 @ $25 eCards.
  • From Name – Name of Whom is sending the eCard.
  • From Email Address –
  • To Name: Name of Recipient receiving the eCard (it can be yourself)
  • To Email: Recipient email
  • Confirm To Email: Confirm recipient email
  • Message: Send your recipient a message such as Happy Birthday, Get Well, etc.
  • Once completed – Submit to Checkout
  • MannaEscrip Summary Page will appear – this page will summarize your order and allow you to make any revisions before confirming the order. This is the last opportunity to make changes as once your order is complete and submitted, revisions are no longer allowed and your order is final.


MannaPay page – Enter your banking information (ABA routing number, account number) - Submit Payment


Your Order is Final



Invoicing and Reimbursements


Once a participant submits a MannaEscrip order, the Coordinator on file will receive an email verifying that someone has placed an order. No further action is needed at this time on behalf of the Coordinator.


All MannaEscrip orders will be charged the normal 1% fee based on the order total, which is applied to the organizations account. Participants will only pay the full face value of the eCard.


All MannaEscrip orders will be credited to the family who placed the order and all reimbursement rules will apply. Orders will be included in MannaOrders reporting.


Credits will be processed on a monthly basis. Once a month, the Coordinator will receive an ‘eManna Credit’ showing all families who ordered and the profit due to the organization. This profit can be issued back into the organization’s account on a monthly basis via ACH, or we can deduct the profit from your next order.


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